Applied Anatomy of Aerial Arts

Dr. Emily Scherb has written the first anatomy book specifically for aerialists. Learn how your body works when it is hanging, inverting, climbing, or doing a hip key. Understand how to perform your favorite skills with perfect technique.

Circus Physical Therapists

Finding a physical therapist who speaks your language is important. The following list is of therapists who love working with circus artists. Find one that fits your needs and goals.

Literature Review

Summaries of current medical literature and how it applies to your training. These articles are the basis of many of our blog posts.

The Circus Doc Blog

April 16, 2018

Strong core? Don’t forget your pelvic floor!

Coaches are constantly talking about “engaging your core” but why is it important? And what the heck is your “core” made up of? The middle of our body, below our ribs and above our pelvis, has lessĀ  bony structure than the rest of our body.

January 12, 2018

Becoming a skills whisperer: giving your students the best cues

You are teaching a student a new skill. You know they have the strength and are ready. So, what will happen next?

October 27, 2017

Get a better grip: start with your shoulder

Do you feel like your grip strength isn’t up to your level of training? If you have been an aerialist for a while and feel like your grip and forearms fatigue quickly, it might be worth looking at your shoulder strength, and especially at your rotator cuff. Researchers studying the shoulder have found that grip […]